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We are one of the largest producers of cider in Kent. We sell various different types of ciders. Including Strawberry, Raspberry, Elderflower, Perry and the original award winning 'Double Vision'.

This is our original cider, Made from five varieties of Kentish grown apples, Which are Cox's, Gala, Katy's, Russets and Bramleys. It is available in three different varieties. Sweet, Medium and Dry.
We have a range of Perry's that are available for purchase. These include traditional pear perry and perry flavoured with elderflower. All made from Kentish Conference pears and Elderflowers.
We also have a range of fruit ciders. These include Strawberry and Raspberry. All of which are made with the finest local produce.

Double Vision Cider is by far the most flavoursome and delicate infusion of apples available in Kent. It is refreshing on a hot summers day and hearty on a cold winters evening.

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